Head Coach Danny

My passion for boxing started at age 17 and from there I was hooked. Boxing has brought me many opportunities over the years. I have been fortunate enough to travel with this sport to places like Sri Lanka and China as well as around Australia all while fighting my way to the number 1 ranked boxer in Australia in 2017. 

I had the honor of donning the green and gold at the Oceania championships in 2017. I have over 12 years boxing experience and have had over 120 boxing fights. I have trained with Boxing Australia obtaining level 1&2 in boxing coach accreditation. I have trained at the Australian Institute of Fitness achieving certificate 3&4 in Fitness and Master Trainer.

Our gyms aim is to encourage and help you achieve your own personal health and fitness goals. Whether your focus is on boxing for competition, general fitness, weight lose, muscle toning, training for your favorite sport/hobby, self defense or to have an outlet to help with stress and mental health. I will work hard with you to help you achieve your personal goals.

My goal is to pass on my passion for boxing, support you so you can achieve your goals and show you the benefits that boxing can have, not only on your fitness but in your concentration levels, self control, self confidence and an issue close to me mental health. 

I look forward to training with you.  


Coach Kelly

Boxing started for me accidentally, I competed in a charity boxing match back in Scotland to raise awareness for Down Syndrome and loved it. When we moved to Mandurah I could not wait to find a boxing gym and get in the ring. I then went on to have 15 fights. Was ranked number 2 in Australia in 2013 at 51kgs & 2014 at 48kgs. As well as wining the WA Novice champ at 54kgs in 2012 before I stopped competing to have our children in 2015. 


Coach Bryce 

I stared my boxing journey almost 9 years ago,  initially for weight loss because I was doing no physical exercise at all. I went from close to 140kgs down to 81kg.  One of the biggest things that has kept me going and keeps the passion there is definitely the people you meet along the way, Danny and Kelly being 2 of these people. The best part about working down the gym is again the people that walk through the door, seeing people reach their goals no matter how small or large, improves my mood dramatically. it is an amazing feeling when I see how happy our members get once they reach a goal of theirs.